Getting ready to leave New York

Last night while Gordon was working on G20 preparations, I left him to attend to tackling the challenges of the economic recession, climate change and nuclear proliferation. Instead I was able to join a large gathering of women to both summer the Maternal Mortality Campaign and, frankly, to have some fun.

Sarah Brown at the Maternal Mortality Campaign dinner; PA copyright

The dinner hosted by HM Queen Rania, Indra Nooyi and Wendi Murdoch was held at Cipriani’s with 300 gorgeous, glamorous women present –  ranging from the heads of UNICEF, World Bank, Oxfam and CAMFED International to high profile guests like Nicole Kidman, Diane Von Furstenberg, Naomi Campbell, June Sarpong, Tyra Banks and Natalia Vodeonova.

The purpose of the dinner was to catch up on what has happened to progress the goals to reduce the deaths of mothers and infants. So much as happened and there is a great buzz in the room as all the women pledge to do more.

I was asked why I think it will make a difference and said, “When a mother survives, a lot survives with her, and when women come together they are an unstoppable force for change”.

Our plane to Pittsburgh does not depart until after lunch so I use the extra time to visit old friends for a New York breakfast of orange juice, coffee and bagels.

We are heading off now to our plane to meet Gordon and the Chancellor, Alistair Darling and the rest of the team.


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